About Thomas Muller

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About Thomas Muller – Last June 27, 2011, Germany was amazed and drooled over how he act in the World Cup as the Bayern Munich encountered their old enemy, England. Who made this? Well, he’s none other than but the legendary football heartthrob, Thomas Muller.

About Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller is a famous German forward who became a member of  Bayern Munich last 2008 and ultimately became part of the national team of Germany last 2010. He was born 13th of September, 1989 right on Welheim of West Germany.

His Football Career

He started playing football in his early childhood years near his hometown for a team known as TSV Pahl.  And because of his stunning moves, he drew attention from German scouts of Bundesliga team. He demonstrated the will and incomparable instinct on this young player unlike other players.

With that, he continued playing for youth teams. During the national championship of U19 of the Bayern Munich during 2007, he was placed second.  After that, he successfully made his football debut last 15th of August, 2008 as soon as he was being substituted within a game against the Hamburg.

Finally, he built himself right on the beginning of 2009-10 season when his team, which is Bayern Munich decided to sign Louis van Gaal, a well-known Dutch coach, replacing Jurgen Klinsman. That season, through his mind-blowing skills, he scored solid 19 goals and assisted Bayern, taking home the national championship. In this team, Muller scored 50 goals out of more than 146 appearances within his senior career.

That’s why there’s no doubt that he won his very 1st World Cup goal in 2010 against Australia. The goal he made during that match is the third one and by that moment, Germany is the winner through 4-0. He enthusiastically played that match in group as well as awarded with the famous Golden Boot and Best Young Talent Player in the entire tournament. Then in 2014 qualifying games of World Cup, he was the very first to score against Kazakhstan.

His Professionalism

Manuel Neuer, without a doubt said that Muller is one of the most intelligent and professional footballers he met. He admitted that Muller could read everything which is written on him right on the moment that he get back on his room. Everyone can’t deny the fact that Muller is symbolism of modern football. He knows and understand the risk of taking fame as well as what it can do to him. Most probably, it let him to maintain more normality than other players. In other words, his unpredictability beats off his opponents in the field.

Muller While Out of Football Field

Gerhard Muller and Klaudia, just like any parents would feel, was really proud on their son’s achievement. Same thing as what Lisa Muller, Thomas’ wife, felt. He was engaged with Lisa last December 2009 and married her after two years. Then, he eventually became the ambassador of the so-called Young Wings, a certain charity, which assists children who are suffering from bereavement as well as trauma.

Most books define success as the completion of a specific objective or reaching a goal, in a specific period of time. It is also the fulfillment of someone’s desires through hard work. A self-centered definition runs this way—Success provides satisfaction to a person after doing his best for a dream. However, the process of striving towards success will require you to take several steps. The path may not be as smooth as driving a race car. The process may be like sailing a boat wherein constant effort is needed to keep it moving. On the journey, storm and heavy rains might come along the way. Courage and faith will save a person from being drowned.

Time management is not easy for some people. But not for Thomas Muller. This is an issue for some especially the ones who find it hard to organize things or even their lives. On the other hand, time management is possible especially if you are motivated.

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