Arjen Robben: Blend of Personal Life and Football Career

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Arjen Robben: Blend of Personal Life and Football Career – Playing for a certain sport that you want and dealing with things about personal life couldn’t be that easy. However, some people could perfectly balance their sports career and personal life. One of them would be Arjen Robben and this article will let you learn more about this man – with regards to football career and with his personal life.

Arjen Robben: Blend of Personal Life and Football Career

One of the most popular sports that are loved by almost everyone all over the world would be football. There are many popular football teams and football players as well that are making great names in the industry these days. And Arjen Robben is considered as one among them. Arjen Robben is a Dutch professional football player that is a part of German Club Bayern Munich. He is also the captain of the national team of Netherlands. He was born on January 23 1984 in Bedum, Netherlands. He had his education from technical grammar school and his hobby actually is tennis. He is now married to Bernadien having two sons and a daughter. He considered football from an early age, 16 in particular, so he became an adherent of the said Coerver method.

The skill of Robben with regards to ball control and also technical footwork made him being a valuable player and so was quickly signed by the regional club named FC Groningen. And it all started for him to develop his distinctive style about cutting inside from the right into the left foot in order to score some excellent goals. In 2009, he was named as Footballer of the Year in Germany. Arjen also played three times for Chelsea and also two seasons for the Real Madrid prior to the idea of joining Bayern Munich in 2009. This football player is a forward and would be playing as right or left sided winger. And he is known almost all over the world because of his speed, dribbling skills, crossing ability and also his accurate left long-range shoots coming from the right wing.

Arjen Robben had married his girlfriend named Bernadien Eillert in Groningen on June 9, 2007. They have met during high school years at Kamerlingh Onnes. They are gifted with three children, two boys and a girl. The first meeting of Arjen and Bernadien was reported by Barend Beltman, the former youth coach of Arjen. The father of Robben named Hans is working as his agent as well. He is also very blessed because of his ever supportive family always there on his side through ups and downs of his career.

This famous football player also experienced worst moments in his life and his career as well. But along with that, there is also a fact that out of the worst the best things are to come. Early in his career life, his debut was been delayed due to an injury however as he returned to fitness he then helped Chelsea with regards to bringing home two consecutive Premier League titles and he was also renowned as the FA Premier League Player of the Month in November of 2005. But one of the worst moments that Arjen has experienced was losing the four finals within the span of two years, two CL Final, World Cup Final and a DFB-Pokal Final.

But, Arjen Robben managed to get back on track with regards to his football career. As he transferred to Bayern Munich, he scored two goals during his debut. The team also won the league title adding it as his fifth league title over the past eight years in his football career. During the UEFA Champions League Final on 2013, he then scored the winning goal and he was named as Footballer of the Year in Germany. Just this 2014, Arjen Robben was then ranked as fourth best football player all over the world by a famous national daily newspaper, The Guardian.

And what’s great about his life is that, he was able to maintain the quality of his relationship to his family though being on the spotlight when it comes to his football career. Through the years, Arjen Robben will be more successful and will be more famous due to increasing numbers of fans that are inspired by him. And up until the end of his football career, his family reassures of supporting him. That’s how balanced the personal life and football career of Arjen Robben is.

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