Best Goal Keepers in 2016

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Soccer is indeed an exciting game for everyone especially for those fanatics. On the other hand, it might also be very challenging to every member of the team in order to win. Every member of a team would be playing their roles and goalkeepers are the most challenged ones. Let’s find out who among the goal keepers of wide numbers of soccer teams are stepping Best Goal Keepers in 2016 among others through reading on this article.

Best Goal Keepers in 2016

There is a fact that an excellent goalkeeper could definitely offer great difference between failure and success of certain team. It is indeed important to have a goalkeeper that will play the best role for a team to taste victory. Among the best goalkeepers all over the world this year will be discussed below. You might as well be amazed of how great these goalkeepers are in terms of contributing a very crucial role for the success of the team.

Manuel Neuer

First on the list would be Manuel Neuer both from the team Germany and Bayern Muniwch. He is an excellent goalkeeper that definitely performed the best of his role for the team to achieve victory. Manuel Neuer is a 29-year old goal keeper wherein though many supporters of Bayern Munich are not in favor of having a player with a contract to expire soon still made it to the top as the best goal keeper. He has silenced his critics through becoming the best goalkeeper at the World Cup in 2014 wherein Germany won the said tournament for the very first time beginning 1990.

Thibaut Courtois

This goalkeeper has the ability to play along with confidence almost beyond his tender years and definitely pulled off numbers of remarkable saves as he joined the Atletico Madrid on loan in 2012 from Chelsea. And if only injury permits, he would definitely be an excellent goalkeeper for the next years of his career. He might also be a key weapon for the Spanish outfit in order to win particularly this year’s Euro cup. He then returned to Stamford right after winning the title on 2014. He dominates his penalty area through catching those crossers as well as stopping numbers of shots.

David De Gea

He is known as great goalkeeper for Spain and also Manchester United. He initially struggled along with the changes in lifestyle right after his big money move from the Atletico Madrid. However, credits serve as factors that increased his confidence, made him train well and provided him a more positive outlook to improve. De Gea is one of the best shot-stoppers in the field through commanding the area with far more authority. He also cut the errors that he once committed early in his years at the club.

Gianluigi Buffon

He was a winner in World Cup last 2006 and he is considered as the best goalkeeper from among others. Juventus has numbers of weaknesses and also remains as the most expensive goalkeeper all over the world. Though suffering to certain injuries, he is definitely playing an important role for his club and for the country as well. This goalkeeper has sharp reflexes as well as useful penchant used for clean sheet or two making Juventus and Italy capable of winning a match.

Peter Cech

He is considered as model goalkeeper of Arsenal and Czech Republic with regards to consistency, capable of not making numbers of errors and so helping the club win every match. He also instilled confidence with regards to the solid defense of Chelsea and this man shows class and extreme concentration essential for a goalkeeper. Peter definitely has the abilities to be a goalkeeper like assuredness, leadership and also downright good goalkeeping.

Hugo Lloris

This man definitely boasts his long reach and also excellent reflexes that is capable of keeping those strikers at bay once the team is under the cosh firmly. Though a bit struggling with decision making, still he is considered to be an undisputed first option for the club and also for the country. Hugo is definitely an excellent goalkeeper both at France and Tottenham Hotspur.

Those are considered to be among the best goalkeepers that are to definitely shine this year particularly during the Euro Cup 2016.  They would really make their fanatics stunned through their best play during the game. If one of them is your favorite, then never miss watching this interesting game.

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