Cricket – Spot Fixing Traps

Cricket-–-Spot-Fixing-Traps QQ288

Cricket – Spot Fixing Traps – We all know that Cricket is the world’s 2nd best favorite game of all the people who are in and around the world. This is the game which is played using a bat and a ball which includes 11 players in each team. This game is played by more than 100 countries which is very much liked by every people around the world. Everything is different from olden days. There are many new rules and changes have been made. During olden days, this game was played with full enthusiasm and respect. All they ever thought was just the pride of the nation and nothing else.

Cricket – Spot Fixing Traps

But nowadays, it is entirely different. There are many new changes has been made in the game which led way for its bad time. This was played with true passion for their country and for the game. But everything has been changed now. The thing which matters more is money and nothing else other than that.

Corruption and Match fixing are the ones which made this dreadful change. The young players who should be doing the needful things to make their country proud are the ones who are paving ways to destroy the purity of this game.

The priorities have been changed from pride to money. There is no value given to the game and not even to the country. The thing which matters more is the money and nothing else other than that. The corruption started right from the start. Politicians and big shots like business magnets are those who started to spoil everything. They are the major cause for the lack of purity in this game.

They were the ones to cause many disasters and serious problems. They made everything possible with the help of money, which is the one thing which matters more to everyone nowadays.

The quality and the purity of the game got compromised and there is nothing called the true match. There is only one thing happening in the playground which is nothing but the business literally. They played the game with complete passion and true interest. The money was not at an issue by then. The pride of the nation was alone taken into account and nothing else.

Spot fixing was the one which made everything even worse. There is agents and bookies present who will attract the players by inducing them with money and stuff. Those who got lured by them started to play in accordance with their need which could be commonly seen in many league matches.

This is the place where the players of many different countries play together, where there are many possible chances present. The players will be offered with many valuable things to make their country and its pride go down.

The pitch in the playground which was meant to play has been changed as the place where you can earn and earn and earn a lot by getting laid. They don’t even feel ashamed even if they get caught. They fear no one, not even themselves. All they need is nothing but money.

But the thing is nothing has been changed about the crazy fans of this corrupted game. They still love their favorite game madly. Also, there are players who still true to themselves and who play with true passion and love towards their country and towards their game. That is why it is still the same with the fan followers who go crazy about this 2nd favorite game in the world which is loved unconditionally by everyone without any partialities. This is the best part about the game cricket.

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