Electronic Games


Electronic games are becoming more conservative and wisely used by both old and young people all over the world due to fact that they are extremely attractive since they can play role of playmate. Electronic games are specific games which are played by use of electronic control devices to move points of object or graphical symbols on the video screen of computer or any other a visual display unit. Electronic games can be traced to have started during 1970-1980s when arcade video games were introduced to general public. In recent world electronic games have been developed to high standard such that they have some cinematic graphics thus allowing players to manipulate the game action with real life style movement of the hands.

Electronic Games

Electronic games are categorized as either single users or multiple users. In case of multiple users the game is played by more than one individual and all of them are coordinating well toward similar objectives. Single user category involves only one individual interacting with interface of computer. Most recent games are multiple users since they can support more than one player. Electronic games can either be played online where people from different nations sign up accounts at different websites and then play with opponents from other nations, examples are puzzles. Also e- games can be played locally at computers or televisions.

Some examples of this  e-games includes Teletype as the earliest form of this game whereby the game is presented to player by printing series of  character on paper which then player reads as it emergences from the platen. This is because teletype lacks video display screens, after every action the player takes it will require extra paper and this may require great amount of paper making it tiresome. Example of this game was Oregon Trail where the players assume role of wagon leader of guiding the settlers from independence to Oregon Trail through covered wagon.

Video games involves human being interacting with user interface to produce visual feedback on the screen of computer monitor. In video games there must be input devices like game controllers, joy sticks and the outputs are visual graphics or sounds from loud speakers.

Advantages of electronic games includes increased creativity, imagination which leads to proper mental development among the children and people playing the game. To win the game individuals are exposed to different levels of game which requires them to think critically and this boost their thinking capacity.

Can create strong bond parents and children especially the multiple player games whereby family members can play together. This makes everyone to be free and improve communication and interaction among family members leading to strong bond of love.

Promotes spirit of team work in case of multiple players since different people have to play simultaneously. For this players to win they must coordinate and plan for the strategy they are going to use. In the process of playing and planning there will be cooperation among members and all this are basic qualities for good team work.

Exposure to international players creating friendship among the players. Online games attract different people from different nations and when all this people come together to play the game, they make friendship with each other thus sharing values and cultures.

In conclusion people should be keen since most of electronic games are addictive in nature and thus individuals can spend most of time as they try to advance in next level of the game. Excess use of computer for long hours can cause visual problems and therefore parents should fix and determine the games children will play and for how long.

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