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The electronic games comprises of proper use of electronics to generate a user friendly and interactive system that a gamer can use to play. There are several generations of electronic games which have evolved in the past few years, from the video game to the PlayStation. The two terms electronic games and video games are used synonymously but the latter refers to the broader category of games inclusive of videogames. The electronic games comprise of systems such as slot machines, arcade games, audio games and handheld games.

Electronic Games


The electronic handheld egames were among the pioneers in the dedicated consoles filed, they featured smaller sizes that were portable. They resemble mini versions of video games that are used to play interactive games. The design features a system where the display and controls are all in one. The screen is custom made to play a particular game rather than serve multiple functions. The display is often small the size of a watch, consequently the graphical output is an LED alphanumerical screen.


The pinball machines use electronics to store memory and provide fast signals to make the game more exciting. The display is viewed through glass resembling the pachinko. Current trends in electronics have forced similar games to be dependent on electronics, surprisingly this is not the case for pinball as it has reserved the physical display. Examples of pinball include the Indiana jones pinball adventure and the Adams family.


Redemption games preceded the electronic games but as a result of modern developments they have been redesigned to feature more advance game mechanics. Additional capabilities that have been added include electronic scoring, this has enabled trade in between prizes and coupons.


Comprising of three or more rolls which rotate when a button is triggered, the slot machine is a casino gambling tool. Before developments were made in electronics, the slot machine was operated with a pedal on its side. The machines have now replaced the pedal with a button. The machine has to verify the currency one pays before authenticating one to use it thus it has an inbuilt currency detector. Computer technology is constantly improving the slot machines thus there are many types.


Audio games were developed to be accessible to blind individuals thus much emphasis is on audio output. The game is played on an electronic device such as video game or computer. Developments in game accessibility are improving its capabilities. There are different types or genres of audio games such as racing and shooting games.


Video games comprise of user’s interaction with a general user interface to produce graphical output on a device. The term was previously used to refer to a raster device, but recently the term has become popular with the advent of numerous gaming platforms thus referring to most display devices.


Computer game refers to a video game that is compatible with a computer. That is totally different from an arcade machine and video game console. Game developers are making tremendous improvements in the gaming industry, this has resulted in numerous video games all around the market.


Console games comprise of interactive programs for entertaining. The console combines audio and visual images that a user can manipulate. The user has a joystick or controller with which they use to manipulate the console. The controller has several buttons representing keys and instructions thus enabling them to interact with visual images on the screen.

There are various categories of console games which vary based on compatibility. The traditional console uses the television to produce graphics, dedicated console is a stand-alone single system, and the educational console which is a simple version for children.

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