How to Avoid Common Injuries in Sports like Soccer?

How to Avoid Common Injuries in Sports like Soccer?

How to Avoid Common Injuries in Sports like Soccer? – Livescore Sports like soccer will provide you with a route in order to improve the speed, to build endurance and also to get into shape. Along with that, it might as well enrich player socially and would build on a team experience. Since the said livescore soccer sport needs rapid acceleration as well as deceleration moves which could lead to physical contact it could also lead to injury. But it must not be the reason for you to stop playing soccer. If you are to play the said sport you must be aware of the risks and also ways on how to avoid injury, therefore, play safe as much as possible.

How to Avoid Common Injuries in Sports like Soccer?

Here are some of the most common injuries in playing soccer and ways on how to prevent them:

How to Avoid Common Injuries in Sports like Soccer?


This usually happens as you play soccer or any other sports particularly in the lower leg, knee or ankle. The ACL is considered as the most common ligament injured in the knee. If you are into frequent lateral movements along with pivoting moves then this injury is always possible. In order to prevent sprains, always check conditions on the field prior to beginning the play. It is as well idea that you must not play on the field which poses risks for an injury like unevenness, irregularities, and debris. It is also important to focus on strength training, use adequate proactive padding and foams and also use properly fitted footwear.


Muscle strains might happen in three basic ways. First, muscle contract hard against the resistance. Second, it involves pulling muscle excessively within a specific direction and angle. And finally, involves contraction of muscle excessively once not prepared to contract. The most common muscle strains in the game of soccer happen in the quadriceps, groin and also hamstrings. Muscle strain might be a bit painful and might even keep you off the field for almost numbers of days or weeks. As for prevention, maintain good strength as well as flexibility in order to reduce the chance of developing this injury. Warm up more often like stretching certain muscles which are more likely to suffer from the said injury. You might as well consider off-season strength training before the season starts.


There could be numbers of fractures that would happen in any sports particularly in soccer within lower extremities such as fibula and tibia and also the ankle and foot. Due to direct or indirect contact, fractures could happen that’s why wearing protective gear along with adequate foam padding that could absorb energy is of a great way of prevention.

Head Injury

Closed injuries are most commonly due to a collision in between players. They might as well happen due to the improper technique being associated with regards to heading the ball. Proper heading would involve the use of forehead just to contact the ball and so use neck muscles in order to reduce flexion as well as an extension of the neck in order to reduce the head motion. And finally, it is very important to use the muscles of the leg as well as thigh in order to advance the body from the waist. In order to prevent having this kind of injury, you might consider strengthening the neck muscles with the use of appropriate exercises providing adequate preparation for heading. It might as well help if you are to use your hand in order to offer resistance against the head. Neck muscles could also be used in order to turn the head left, right, backward and forward. In order to protect mouth and teeth, fitted mouth guard is also important along with the use of protective eyewear as well.

Given those most common injuries in terms of playing sports like soccer and the prevention as well, you must at least avoid suffering from any of the above-mentioned injuries.

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