How to Use Handicap Betting in Online Sportsbookie

How to Use Handicap Betting in Online Sportsbookie
How to Use Handicap Betting in Online Sportsbookie

If you are a newbie in sports betting, you need to know what handicap betting is. More importantly, you must know how to use handicap betting in online sportsbookie. This knowledge is very useful because it is able to prevent you making mistakes in placing your wagers and help you win more!

How to Use Handicap Betting in Online Sportsbookie

What is Handicap Betting Actually?

Handicap betting is a tool used by bookmakers to level the playing field. This kind of betting is usually implemented on various sports events, especially on sports in which points or goals do matter such as, football, American football, rugby, basketball or snooker. Hence, the handicap betting acts as a medium which ensures an even contest between two teams, in which the difference of their alleged strengths is very noticeable.

Deeper Understanding on Handicap Betting

Punters who intend to place a handicap bet must know how it works to ensure victory. If you are a beginner, then do not be ashamed to utilize a handicap calculator. The tool is very useful on the games in which the handicaps are quite huge such as basketball and rugby.

Hence, you need to familiarize yourself with the concept and how to put it into practice. The reason is that handicap betting has the power to influence the teams’ odds. After comprehending the rules you also have the power to increase your winning chances and avoid losing.

How does Handicap Betting Work?

The handicap betting is created to even the playing field between two teams. You may ask, “How is it possible?” The answer is that the handicap betting gives the underdog team a head start against the favorite one. This is expressed by putting a number after the team’s name using the positive symbol.

For example, in a match between Chelsea and Manchester United, the latter is the underdog, then the bookmaker gives the team +1. Thus, you can see it Chelsea (-1) VS Manchester United (+1). Hence, the odds imply that there is a one-point differential between both teams. This means if you back Chelsea, the team must win against the Red Devil by at least 2 goals.

Nowadays, almost all sports events which are based on goals and points apply the handicap market. Since the demands of the market keep increasing over the years. You can also utilize the alternative betting. Hence, you can decrease or increase the handicap according to your confidence in the teams’ strengths. From the example above, you can alter the odds by giving Chelsea a -2 handicap point, if you are sure that the team can score at least 3 goals.

You can also use the no draw bet in handicap betting. It removes the draw outcome by giving a 0.5 handicap point. In addition, there is also a variant of no draw bet called Asian handicap betting. If a draw occurs because of the handicap point, your stake would be returned. You can also split your stake into two handicap lines making you win or lose bigger.

That’s how to use handicap betting in online sportsbookie. Learning how to use this kind of betting properly on any sports event can help you a lot. You may avoid losing and increase your likelihood of winning if you conduct some research diligently about the teams.

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