Live Casinos


Live casinos, also identified as online or virtual casinos, immerse players in an environment similar to that of a traditional casino. The players enjoy the uncertainty and experience of a conventional casino, additionally this is complimented with the flexibility of a virtual casino. The result is a very appealing and electrifying experience similar to that of a conventional casino.

Live Casinos

The live casino game consists of a live dealer who is charged with the responsibility of running the game, the players can see the dealer via a live streaming video conferencing link. The players are expected to make decisions and communicate with the dealer via chat or text.

Upon making the decisions, the outcomes are keyed in as data and processed by software which uses optical character recognition to enable the parties involved to communicate. This creates an environment similar to that of virtual casino.

The optical character recognition and other top notch technologies involved make live casino very expensive since it also requires staff to handle the technical requirements and coverage.

The live casinos are a creative way of gambling, they enable players to gamble on various casino games, this is made possible by internet connectivity. The probabilities that are offered by live casinos are a bit higher than conventional casinos and the profit percentages are also dependent on the specific game.

Games in a Live Casino

The fact that a live casino requires a live dealer in the casino makes it expensive to operate. Consequently, the number of games is limited so as to cater for the operational cost and still make profits. Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack are the common games offered through a live dealer.

Benefits of Live Casino


Exclusive events and tables are highly preferred by online gamblers. The Live Casino offers the exclusivity required by players. This results in numerous offers, bonuses, and campaigns to get gamblers play live games. Players who deposit money or play enjoy bonuses which include point’s accumulation or giveaways.


Live casino has functionalities that allow live chat between players and the dealer. This virtual casino creates an environment where conversations can take place amongst players and the trader hosting the game. This experience is extraordinary in the live casino.

Extended game play

Unlike the automated table, live casino allows the participants to enjoy playing the game for longer durations with the same funds. This is because an automated game shuffles cards faster and immediately, whereas in the case of live casino the dealer has to shuffle cards manually. Extended game play results in more fun and delight.

Weaknesses of Live Casino

Greater risks

Live casinos have a high operating cost; this results in higher stakes as compared to online casino games. The gap between live casino bets and automated bets is significantly huge, for instance a Blackjack table starts the bet $4 – $5 while in the automated blackjack table it’s around $0.5

Requires high speed internet and compatible hardware

The difference between computer hardware and internet connection can affect the player’s experience. This is often highlighted by the system requirements of the online casinos. Players should always familiarize themselves with the requirements to ensure they enjoy the experience. This is especially more crucial when it comes to live casino since the player has to watch the live dealer.

Time consuming

Compared to automated processes where a computer shuffles the cards, the live dealer consumes much time. This can result in more time being spent by live dealers compared to other automated games. Live casino most often involves multiple number of players and as a result each of them spends a certain amount of time making decisions relating to the game. The expert players find this ineffective since they have less games to play.

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