Live Dragon Tiger Rules and Gameplay

Live Dragon Tiger Rules and Gameplay

The game of Live Dragon Tiger is a popular online casino game in Asia. It can be found at many online casinos in Asia regions and many players lot if because of the fast pace of the game. It is also a favorite of streak bettors who often place bets on the last winner seeking streaks. Here’s the live dragon tiger rules and gameplay which can help you get started with the game.

Live Dragon Tiger Rules and Gameplay

The game is played with Standard English Decks of 52 cards, not including the wild cards and jokers. The cards are mostly dealt using a blackjack shoe which usually holds six or eight decks. Unlike other casino games, in Live Dragon Tiger the players are playing against the dealer, not hooded pro players.

Live Dragon Tiger Rules and Gameplay
Live Dragon Tiger Rules and Gameplay

Placing Wagers

After the players place their bets on either Dragon or Tiger hands, the dealer will then place the cards on the layout faced-up. The hand with the highest card wins, but there are important rules to consider. First in the order of cards, from the highest: K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and Ace.

Players may also bet on a Tie which pays out 8:1, but if the wager lose all bets are returned less the commission. Simply put, high card wins and the low card losses.

There are more than 80,000 possible outcomes for each hand. Of those, there are more than 6,000 Tie outcomes which gives the online casino its house edge on both wager by 3.70%.

Tie Bet

As mentioned above, out of 80,000 + outcomes from each hand, there can be more than 6,000 Tie result. The typical payout for a Tie bet is 8 to 1 but may vary from one online casino to another. This gives the casino a very high house edge of 32.77%.

Big and Small Bets

Another side bet is the Big and Small wagers. Players are able to wager on particular hand whether it will receive a Big card (over seven) or small (below 7). The bet also loses is the drawn card is a seven. Online casino has a 7.69% house edge on this bet.

Suit Bet

Players are also able to wager on which suit the card will be. This pays out 3:1 on a correct prediction and loses when the suit does not appear for the chosen hand. Again, the online casino has a house edge when the drawn card is a seven.

Winning Strategy

The best winning strategy for this game is by placing bets on the last winner. Because of the fast pace and simplicity of the game, it is possible for a winning streak on each hand. if the software used by the online casino shows the decks used in Dragon Tiger, it is possible to lower the house edge by using card counting strategy.


The live dragon tiger rules and gameplay are easy to learn and understand. Nonetheless, it is still a game of chance, make sure to play with only the money you can afford to risk losing. Good luck!

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