Sports can be traced to have started during military training where people were subjected to physical exercise to determine their fitness in the military army. Also, the early forms of sports included wrestling, cave painting, and shooting. In the recent world, there have been radical changes of sports comparing with the past generation due to technology and evolution of people.


Sports can be defined as a challenging activity which involves physical exertion and application of skills by individuals as they compete with the aim of entertainment or gain something of value. Sports are regulated by sports association and they stipulate, make and define rules that guide the conduct of players in the field. Sports are widely categorized as following; air space sports, dry land sports and in water sports.


Airspace sports involves a variety of aerial activity games such as aerobatics, this game involves rotating of the aircraft about its longitudinal axis or in other lateral axis and thus it enables the pilot to recover from poor flight conditions. Ballooning is another air sport played for entertainment and the players take a flight using hot balloons. This achieved by moving in the direction of wind-making participants to enjoy cool environments in the air without feeling no wind. Another example is parachuting which involves transiting from high point to earth level using a parachute which regulates speed. Parachutes use the law of gravity for individual to land safely.

Dry land sport is those sports activities which take place on dry land or earth surface. A good example is ball games like soccer, volleyball, golf tennis ball etc. All these games are played at both local and international levels. Soccer sport has been one of the most favorite game with many fans and followers in the world. Athletes is another type of sports which has been played almost by all nations. There are several races in athletics like short races and long races. In a long race, there are 24km race and cross country which took much time to complete, in short races we have 100m races and ray lies which are so interesting to watch if you’re not participant.

Water sports are those games which are done in mass waters like oceans and seas. They include boat racing which involves the use of powered boats to run a specific distance in water. Also snorkeling is another sport where participants swim at the surface of water being equipped with masks and other swimming devices like snorkel and masks/Rescue swimming has been other interesting sport where players swim with a target of rescuing other swimmers thus creating fun in water as they develop skills to rescue others in water in case of danger or drowning.

One of the importance as to why people should engage in sports is because sports creates great awareness and self-confidence among the participants. Sports make individuals be self-confidence in themselves and this leads to motivation to better performance of tasks in future.

There is great Improvement in fitness and health of sportsmen as they engage themselves in daily exercise and this improves perspiration and blood circulation in their bodies and thus making it easy to eliminate unwanted and harmful substance from blood system.

Most sports are done by more than one individual and this makes different people interact together and thus avoid isolation and feeling of loneliness in the society. This promotes the spirit of unity and teamwork which is key for developing our societies.

Sports leads to a reduction of stress as people are concentrating on the game and this leads to relaxation of mind hence getting rid of negative thoughts. In addition, most sports are fun and thus people are jovial as they play and this helps to remove the stress in the process. As I conclude I huge all people young and old, males and females to spend their free time in sports.

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