Table Tennis

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Are you having a hard time on playing lawn tennis but you don’t want to stop playing? Table tennis is the solution and the best game that will suit you. Like lawn tennis it can also be played by singles and by doubles. The equipment that you need to play table tennis is first of course the table with a net and the racket plus the ball. You can hit the ball backhand or forehand, soft or hard and smash it with your maximum power. Table tennis began during the end of the 19th century in England when after dinner some upper class Victorians decided to turn the table into a smaller version of the traditional lawn tennis.

Table Tennis

They used books to make a line and serve as a net. For the ball, they used cork of champagnes or ball of string. As for the rackets they used lids of empty cigar boxes and parchment papers were stretched around a frame. When table tennis was first started it has so many different names like Whiff whaff and flim-flam, the words are from the sound of the ball when it is bouncing back and forth on the table. In 1901 J. Jaques and Son Ltd. Registered one of the most popular name Ping Pong as a copyright, and time past by in 1920s the sport and the name was revived in Europe as Table Tennis. Table tennis are now played in schools as part of the physical education subject. It helps the student to be more disciplined.

Also it makes student eager to reach their goals and be motivated. In sports its either you win or you learn, if you win then you must treat yourself and celebrate because your hard work has paid off and if you did not win at least you try and you learn that is the greatest reward you will ever get so that the next time you will compete you have new strategies, new techniques, and you are recharged and who knows it will be your time.

Table tennis can be played both indoors and outdoors whenever there is a table, a racket and a ball. You can play this game with your friends and with your family because this is a great way of bonding. While enjoying you are learning at the same time. Nowadays table tennis is famous all over the world. In history, there is said that an unofficial championship was held 1901 but the first official championship was held in 1927 in London by the International Table Tennis Federation or ITTF.

The ITTF was founded 1926 in Berlin of some countries and it is England, Hungary, Sweden, India, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Wales. Although today the sport is dominated by Asian Countries like Korea and China it was not always that way it has many evolutions that you might get to know when you want to be a pro table tennis player. Before the late 1950’s and early 1960’s European players from Hungary, France and Sweden seemed no competition, but in 1952 a Japanese player introduced a rubber foam paddle and it made the game faster and spinning the ball became a greater factor. Table tennis entered the Olympic Games in 1988 with the participation of players from Korea and Sweden. Table tennis is easy to learn if you want to get better you just need to practice often. You can watch a live table tennis game or if ever you can’t you are also able to watch it on the internet on YouTube. For some strategies and techniques just read some articles or get some advice from experts. Everything takes time being good and being the best takes process.

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